The 3’s have it ! 3rd time’s a charm! In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, I give thanks !!!! Trinidad and Tobago this one is for u! Thank u to the creator , my Parents and brother , my Kids @findnimo @meledijada @bbylayaaa my friends, fans and supporters ! All those who voted and played a role this is a triumphant moment for us, for soca for T&T and the Caribbean.

We did it again ! To all those behind the Ministry Of Road !!!! I give thanks! @precisionprod @kc_kasey @popartshaw @1ndividual sorry amare U keep changing your name on IG thank you all , HD family , HD band ,HD dancers , all my crew @the_m_store the Junior Sammy group of companies for making M.O.R a success , Dream Machine my new MONK team @doripro and Naj for such a dope video all the dancers that worked with ELLENYTT !!!!and all those I’m forgetting cuz I have to run and present right now thank u ! I give thanks.

[Via: Machel Montano]