“One of the new rules is the introduction of pre-judging. We found out that this will lend pretty well to the overall time management for the parade,”  Bowe, GBJC Deputy Chairman.

“If this is very successful then the parade will begin on time, we will kill a lot of the lag times, and you’ll find that the general public will enjoy a full-fledged group alignment,” Bowe said.

The GBJC will host a judges’ workshop on November 20-22.

“When it comes to fair judging, a lot of information was not really passed down to the various group leaders or persons involved in the groups. So I don’t think they were cognizant of a lot of the judging points,” Bowe said.

BTC, Grand Bahama Port Authority, and Ministry of Youth are major sponsors.

The opening ceremony for the New Year’s Junkanoo Parade is scheduled to begin at 5pm, while the main set to kickoff at 6pm.

Tickets go on sale Friday, December 1st and can be purchased at the GBJC Office at the International Building. They can also be purchased at BTC Pioneer’s Way, Lucayan Shopping Center, and Eight Mile Rock locations.

[Via: The Bahamas Weekly]