Lands Minister Alexis Jeffers raised the issue on Saturday night, at the launch of the CCM’s election campaign in Charlestown.

“In 2004, the Honourable Vance Amory and his team then, negotiated the purchase of 730 acres of land down at Pinney’s. They sold 600 acres to Newfound [Development]; 21.5 million dollars was that sale,” he recounted.

“Before the CCM left government in 2006, they collected just about 11 million dollars. It means then that the NRP would have collected the remaining 10.5 million dollars, that’s US I’m talking, and if you were to calculate that in EC, that’s just about 28, 29 million dollars thereabouts. That’s what the NRP collected,” he continued.

Jeffers claimed that the CCM also left behind a $10 million escrow account at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

“The NRP used up that too you know. Ten million US dollars, add them up, that’s 20.5 million dollars. Now they sold over 160 acres of land that was left down there at Pinney’s, and realized another almost 50 million dollars out of those. So all those monies that they realize, you ask yourself, where this money gone? And we’ve been looking for this money; we’ve been searching for it. Where is this money?” he asked.

Party leader, Premier Vance Amory, backed up Jeffers’ claims and suggested that the matter would not end there.

“You hear Alexis talking, and what he’s saying is true. Where have all those millions of dollars gone? Ten million dollars put aside to pay back a 10 million dollar gone, ‘poof,’ that’s a Dougie disease, ‘poof.’ They get another nine plus million dollars because they took back 170 acres of land up above… the high contour mark, that they got nine something million US dollars we’re talking about, ‘poof.’ And ladies and gentlemen I’m not really making jokes about this thing you know,” he told supporters.

“This is serious business you know, because when you elect people, you elect them to hold your money and to do your business in trust for yourselves, and if they can’t be trusted, and have proven themselves not to be trusted… I am hearing from my finance people… that the last audit report given to the Assembly was for the accounts of 2006, so we’re now trying to get the audit report, because that is what we shall rely on tell the people of this country what has happened, but we have the evidence there, so Alexis is correct,” Amory charged.

[Via: Caribbean News Now]