Devon House.

This has the best ice cream in Jamaica. Freshly made on the premises the place was packed even in the mornings. Devon House is a restored plantation great house. Now a museum it was filled with Caribbean, French and British antiques from the 1870s. It is a favourite spot for weddings.

Emancipation Park.

This is a polished gem in the heart of the city. In the day time children watched the fountains as they shot water in the air. Every evening it was filled with people running and walking along the lighted track around the park. The park has a massive bronze sculpture, named Redemption Song, of a couple rising from the water and looking upwards to freedom.

National Gallery.

The main art gallery of the island is filled with paintings, sculptures and installations that tell the history of Jamaica and the Caribbean through the visual arts. After the gallery, we crossed the road and took a long walk along the seashore.

Fort Clarence and Hellshire Beach.

These two beaches are next door to each other, but have two very different vibes. Fort Clarence is more upscale and quiet. Hellshire is the most popular with locals. There is always reggae playing and lots of vendors hawking souvenirs. Both beaches have restaurants and change rooms.

We had fried fish with steam vegetables and crackers on the beach. The food was made to order. It was fresh flavourful and delicious.

Terra Nova Hotel.

This is one of the grand old luxury hotels of Kingston. The courtyard garden was magnificent. We had Sunday brunch on the garden terrace. The food was as delectable as the lush surroundings. We had traditional Jamaican dishes such as curry goat, boiled green bananas, roasted breadfruit and ackee and salt-fish. The hotel also serves a champagne high tea on a Thursday afternoon.

Rockfort Mineral Baths.

A little off the beaten track the baths are worth a visit just to relax in the natural spring water. Nearby are the ruins of an old fort. It was built to stop a potential French invasion of Jamaica in 1694.

Bob Marley Museum.

This is a must for anyone interested in reggae. The museum is the former home of the superstar. It is filled with photos, records and other memorabilia of his remarkable life.

Jacqueline L. Scott