Baitoa, Santiago.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) headed a meeting on Saturday to hear proposals prior to choosing its electoral commission delegates and coordinator in Baitoa, a town that could go down in history as Dominican Republic’s last Municipality.

JCE member Eddy Olivares called historic the meeting to choose its first officials in Baitoa, the newly-created municipality he affirms meets under a democratic ambience.

JCE president Roberto Rosario said the proposed candidates must meet the conditions of not having any objection on the part of the community, for political reasons and not have history of fraud or crimes.

Pioneer Town

The mounting opposition to creating more municipalities in the country will likely make the town nestled in the Central Mountains Dominican Republic’s last new city.

Baitoa, together with the other towns of La Sierra (Jánico, Sabana Iglesia, San Jose de las Matas), is home to the first Dominican immigrants to New York City, some of them as early as 1911.

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