Coming from a travel professional, I highly advise that you plan your vacation at least six months advance to lock-in the great rates. If you and your family are still in the planning stages for this year’s vacation, I highly recommend that you visit Nevis and fully experience Culturama. Nevis is among the most visited island in the twin island nation of Nevis and St. Kitts.

If you are looking for a genuine island relaxing experience, then Nevis is the place to go. The island offers beautiful palm-tree lines, un-crowded beaches and lush tropical views. The place itself  exudes an aura of rejuvenation and relaxation.

There are nine popular beaches in Nevis, namely Gallows Bay, Newcastle Beach, Qualie Beach and Pinneys Beach.

With miles of great watering holes and miles of golden beaches, sunbathers and beach walkers will be in delight. While on Pinney’s beach, one of the most sought after activity is stand-up water paddling. Fortunately, you can enjoy this activity without paying expensive hotel rates. There are a lot of local entrepreneurs who will assist you with this and other services such as water sports equipment, snacks and chairs. One of the best things in Nevis are the beaches, there are no fees to go to the beach as the locals believes that the sands and waves are gifts from the Gods.

Qualie Beach is among the most visited beaches for Nevis travelers. Its located north of Jones and Cades Bay. At dusk, you can easily take an award-winning sunset picture having St. Kitts for a backdrop. Qualie beach offers a myriad of activities including kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling and catamaran to name a few.

Culturama is one of the best cultural events happening in Nevis. It’s also a great event for multinational corporations who happens to do business in India. The event helps by informing and educating expatriate families with assimilation and for international businesses who are trying to get a better understanding for their newly hired workers.

For the Nevisians, Culturama is the celebration of their local heritage with a carnival-like atmosphere. The celebration includes concerts, food festivals, parties and music. Don’t forget about the road or tramp march. The venue for the march happens in the capital of Nevis, downtown Charlestown.

The must-see events include Last Lap, Cultural Street Parade, Jouvert Jump, Emancipation, Senior Kaiso Contest, Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, Mr. Kool Contests and Ms. Culture Swimwear.

Image: Valerie Burns