10294465_585983831500484_7481277060458772731_nMelissa Vijay Bharwani is a young female entrepreneur, artist and the creator of Dhan Arts.  The story of her current art related business started four years ago, but her passion for arts has always existed. When she was alone in Curacao, away from family, she decided to acquire a sketchbook and began sketching. Her parents returned and her mother, impressed by her daughter’s creativity, suggested she sell her work.

Melissa didn’t think it was such a good idea and was doubtful about the possibility of selling her art. Passionate yet hesitant about the likelihood of becoming a successful artist, her mother kept insisting until she convinced Melissa to at least try. Soon, Melissa started to realize the potential of her work and not only decided to dedicate herself in developing her craft, but to invest in the tools necessary for an accomplished artist.

Most of the same souvenirs found by tourists on the island of Curacao can be purchased through multiple merchants, lack originality, and are uninspiring as with most mass produced products. There are very few variances in design and are often priced too high. The very few original items worth buying are often too heavy or large to travel home. As with all independent-minded entrepreneurs, Melissa decided to go against the grain and create souvenirs that were unique, specific to Curacao and definitely worth the purchase.Melissa decided to go against the grain and create souvenirs that were unique, specific to Curacao and definitely worth the purchase.

Acrylic paints are Melissa’s tool of the trade, along with personal items charming enough to make a life long impression of the beautiful island of Curacao.

The architecture of Curacao is very colorful, varied and unique, Melissa thought a reflection of these colored buildings on a tourist’s souvenir was not only appealing but an awesome idea. Another inspiring moment for Melissa was revealed while visiting Miami; tourists often purchased mugs that had the name of the location on them. She decided to design and develop her own original mugs, surprisingly enough, no one else was doing this in Curacao.

Melissa’s art is now a point of great interest for tourist to Curacao. Handelskade, the picturesque stretch of pier known for its Colonial Dutch buildings painted in brilliant yellows, blues, and pinks, along the waters of St. Anna Bay, is the primary attraction for tourists who arrive on the island. Melissa does an amazing job of translating this iconic view through paint with a high level charm and distinction.

Melissa’s work can be found in her parent’s gift shop in the World Trade Center Curacao.

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