Dominica’s volcanic topography and limited number of beaches have been a controlling factor, more so in the tourism sector, than that of its neighboring islands of Martinique or Guadeloupe. However, Dominica’s world renowned rain forests, waterfalls, lakes, and diving spots make it an attractive eco-tourism destination.

Same-sex marriage is extremely debated these days in the Dominican parliament. With the United States’ evolved position on the issue, resulting in an increasing number of states recognizing it, could a declaration against same-sex marriage reflect poorly on Dominica’s Tourism?

In a recent statement, the prime minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, declared that: “there are some things that our government will never accept. Hence, we will not accept nor recognize same-sex marriages in our country. If other countries from around the globe want to accept same-sex marriages, that’s their problem. However, we will follow certain principles that have guided us throughout the years”

According to the Jamaican Observer, the prime minister dismissed any reports that police have arrested people who were engaging in this kind of sexual activity. Roosevelt Skerrit said that the police were never involved. However, the facts are different. In 2001, about 15 women were arrested for engaging in this activity and sentenced to five years of jail. In the same year, 10 men were also sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

photo: @donyapatric