Introducing the soursop fruit… the Caribbean’s answer to nearly anything that ails you.

While it’s certainly not the most beautiful fruit, it’s supposed to relieve stomach problems, insomnia, fever, pain and respiratory problems such as cough and asthma, has natural antiviral & antiparasitic properties, may suppress inflammation, studies indicate it may kill cancer more effectively than chemotherapy drugs without the same undesirable side effects. I’ve heard it makes a nice martini, too.

I’ve heard stories from locals about the fruit being swiped off the soursop trees in their yards just as it ripened. It’s like gold here! The leaves are used to make tea, the fruit can be boiled, eaten raw, pureed, used in cooking, cocktails, health concoctions.

My review of it? Well, it’s kind of a strange fruit. It has a soft, mushy texture sort of like a mango but less stringy. It’s sour on the tongue, then has an oddly good aftertaste. The tea made from the leaves is easier to adjust to – pretty much like an herbal tea. I have to admit, I don’t think it helped me with my insomnia, but then I didn’t sip it for more than a few nights either. Sort of like my stretching routine, I guess. Not gonna help if I don’t stick with it more than two days…

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