This is a process video for my packaging design project that combined two cultures; one of your choosing and one is of your heritage. My packaging consisted of Martinique, a place I have always wanted to visit, and Scotland. Martinique is a french territory in the Caribbean that was once the biggest exporter of sugar in the West Indes hundreds of years ago. Today it is known for its vibrant culture that wears bright colors on their clothing and their sailboats. When considering similarities between the two cultures, I felt that the strongest bond was on the emphasis of woodworking. If the boats and crates of the West Indes are put alongside well known examples of the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1890’s, one could only agree that a wood box would be appropriate. My largest influence for the box came from the library inside the Glasgow School of Art, which was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Through the presentation of darkly stained wood, the library is a famous example of Scottish design, which includes the use of right angles, grids, and straight lines.

Tanner Carlson