Made In Days started with just a couple pairs of hands that began to move their creations to the offline world. As is the same with all good design work, the idea to get into the creation of leather goods stemmed from an actual need. Essentially, the craftsman at Made In Days had to have a new wallet.

It was after multiple sketches that the combined total of twenty fingers started to look through materials. There was brass, buttons, felt, leathers and more to examine, since they had never use anything that wasn’t of the highest quality. “Soon our first wallet began to take shape not just on the cutting board but in our hearts.”

Every item that’s stocked in our store holds a strong personality, just like what was seen with the very first wallet. They’ve all been sewn and cut to the highest standards, “Hand cut and sewn to perfection, each stitch brings to life a story and purpose for its new owner to carry.”

Made In Days