Calypso Drift

Author Steinberg Henry has transformed his love for global and island entertainment education and culture into 14 segments and 119 chapters integrating sketches, leaps in consciousness, methods and disciplines with skill surprising.

“Calypso Drift” passes by way of an island Parliament, Dread/Rastafari, memorable black-sand beaches, religious systems, the KwÉyòl language business, high-school learning remembrances, a touch of Kalinago sensibility and, American song selections on Caribbean radio in the 70s and 80s. Its last fifty chapters ascend into Dominican calypso lyrics over a seven-year period with a critical and interpretive quality that unmasks the island’s rich culture.

Since the writer worked “Calypso Drift” from New York and Georgia he offers a captivating tale from the diaspora, about how American society sparks developments in island culture, music and history

Essentially, the writer reminds us that American song is just as special to the fecundity of island culture as island peoples and song are to the blooming of American society and culture.

As “Calypso Drift” is presented in text form, it serves as a trace for persons using other formats to research island culture.

“Calypso Drift” serves as source for those in print media, electronic media, video and film producers, bloggers, social media enthusiasts and students eager to source material on case studies regarding West Indian/Caribbean and global culture.

This volume therefore draws their attention to a record of song lyrics and the critical context in which they were written. It also shows how significant song poets are to any society. Moreover, it is written to provide a methodology for recording a country’s culture to serve as history.

”Calypso Drift” cautions that each and every nation must keep a history of its entertainment culture.

Steinberg Henry believes that archiving and presentation of Dominica’s culture, interrelated as it is with all other world cultures, is just as crucial.