In War, rape is a weapon. Every single day approximately 40 women are raped in Eastern Congo, hundreds of thousands were raped during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and Europe is no exception with in between 20.000 and 50.000 rapes during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The violations are not just a simple display of frustration among soldiers. It is a conscious military strategy through wich the opponent is humiliated and it’s moral reduced. Rape attacks break apart families, render leaders feeling powerless and inadequate and ruin communities; all in the same instance as giving the attackers an adrelanin surge and a sense of power.

1.Congo: All of these women were raped in attacks by the militia, in eastern Congo.

2 & 3. Congo: The relentless violence perpetraded by different guerilla groups in the remote Eastern Congo strike women with adamant force. Rape is used as a weapon.

4. Congo: A young man with a large portion of regret in his voice, recollects how two of his four sisters were raped during an attack by the guerilla group FLDR.

5. Congo: Love used to be a child soldier.

6 & 7 Congo: Panzi Hospital was at first known as ‘the fistula hospital’ when it was founded in 1999, but the war victims soon took up more and more of the beds. Mutilated, raped and traumatized women sought out the well-ordered hospital area.

8. Congo: Pupils listen carefully when told about how you cannot treat women.

Linda ForsellCause of Death Woman.