A hybrid of sand and snow, Peter “Adam” Crook, a freestyle halfpipe skier, will represent the British Virgin Islands in the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.

He is the second ever Winter Olympian after Errol Spence, a speed-skater who competed in the Sarajevo Games of 1984, to represent the British Virgin Islands.

The 21-year-old Adam began on the slopes at age 9 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Lin, Adam’s mother, who was born and raised in Wisconsin, helped run a yacht charter company with her husband Barney on the island of Tortola but decided to relocate Adam, one of three kids, to Lake Geneva where she helped manage the company abroad.“I started skiing and fell in love with that right off the bat.”

“When we first moved there it was the second time in my life that I’d seen snow and I didn’t remember the first time. I started to love it pretty quickly. I started skiing and fell in love with that right off the bat.”

The Olympics will debut for the first time stunts performed by halfpipe skiers, an event described as ‘not for the faint of heart.’ The Olympians not only ski backwards, but launch backwards from the edge of giant pipes entering a continuous series of choreographed somersaults and spins.

“My biggest goal is to make it through to the final round for half-pipe. That’s what will be on TV. I would like to be recognized with that group of athletes. I just want to go and have a lot of fun.”

The British Virgin Islands Are Rooting For You Adam!!!

Image: @padamcrook/Instagram